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Learning about plants and gardening can help preschoolers develop an empathy for the environment. Gardening is also a fun, healthy activity that most preschoolers are likely to enjoy. This preschool thematic unit on plants and gardening will acquaint preschoolers with some plant and gardening basics.

When: 25 February 2019, Mon, 16:00-17:00

Teachers: Ashley, Lindsay

Categories: Gardening, Outdoor


The preschoolers will learn how plants need to be nurtured and how to tend to a garden. They will learn to recognize different gardening tools and implements. They will learn the importance of water, sunlight, and soil for plant growth. They will develop:

  • Speaking skills by talking about what they have done or are doing.

  • Reading skills by perusing picture books.

  • Art skills by drawing pictures of plants and gardens.

  • Math skills by sorting plants and non-plants, and counting number of plants, leaves, flowers, and flower petals.


  • Plants, seedlings, seeds

  • Gardening implements for children

  • Flashcards of plants

  • Photographs and vide os of gardens

  • Photographs of garden creatures – butterflies, bees, birds, etc.

  • Drawing paper

  • Colors – water-color, pastels, pencils, markers

  • Picture books on the plant and gardening theme